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Nobody Knows Me/Nothing Fails... [entries|friends|calendar]
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Exclusive: Madonna HISTORY Lyrics... [28 Sep 2006|12:55pm]
composed by Madonna and Stuart Price

A woman has collapsed in the middle of the dancefloor.

You can hear about a lot of stories
You can believe in words
You can trust in names
Until you find yourself alone

My skin is glistening with sweat
I'm alone but I still can feel my breath
there's a lot to tell and a lot to learn
inside... my stories are not safe anymore

Young Girl
Young Boy
Open up your heart
You're here from the start
and you can't just deny
are you looking for a escape?
are you looking for someone?
Come on feel alive
in the only place where it's real
Come on tell your stories
in the middle of the dance floor

Where are the happy people
that used to be with us
Where are the pretty faces
that used to amuse us
There's no secret anymore
I'll whisper in your ear

Only if you want

Young Girl
Young Boy
Open up your heart
We can shine forever
as the fate of a star
I don't care if I'm alone
I don't care if you don't
Come on dance with me
in this sweet vibration
Come on dance with me
Let me your partner

In this lonely dance
Can we become one?

I used to be comfortable
With my stories and my past
But now as you can see
These things will no longer last
The world learned to hear me
They learned how to destroy me
And I learned to survive
And I learned how to start
My own revolution

Revolution (6x)

Young Girl
Young Boy
Open up your heart
Can you feel the revolution
Are you able to believe it
Are you strong enough to fight
Though we are not together
Maybe it could have no sense…
For so long you’ve been my
Imaginary audience

Have you confessed?
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Today's thoughts... [06 Mar 2005|02:44pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

"Easy Ride"
Lyrics by Madonna and Monte Pittman

I want the good life
But I don't want an easy ride
What I want is to work for it
Feel the blood and sweat on my fingertips
That's what I want for me

I want to know everything
Maybe someday I will
What I want is to find my place
Breathe the air and feel the sun on my children's face
That's what I want
I go round and round just like a circle
I can see a clearer picture
When I touch the ground I come full circle
To my place and I am home
I am home

I want to let go of all disappointment that's waiting for me
What I want is to live forever
Not defined by time and space
It's a lonely place
That's what I want

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My love is like... [22 Feb 2005|09:36am]
[ mood | creative ]

Your love is... by ChibiMarronchan
Your name is...
Your kiss is...erotic
Your hugs are...warm
Your eyes...sparkle like the stars
Your touch is...the only thing I desire
Your smell is...refreshing
Your smile is...encouraging
Your love is...everlasting
Quiz created with MemeGen!
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[18 Feb 2005|04:19pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Read more...Collapse )

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RE: A fun evening out... [18 Feb 2005|12:06am]
[ mood | drained ]

So today was an interesting day. It started with work, and then off to school. Some cute boy tried to cute me off and i let him cause he was cute. LOL! Anyways, yeah it was funny. So my Accounting class was interesting. And then in my BSAD 121 Intro to Management Science course, we had a pop quiz which i think i did really well on. Then it was off to Hillel to hang out with my buds till my next class. So Calculus discission ended up not happening, so I went back to Hillel to study and finish my homework. I ran into Roman and we chatted a bit. Since my calc discussion was nonexistant I played it safe and went with Roman to his discussion to take the quiz. So I think I am gonna start taking my classes with his TA cause he totally helps you out on the quizzes and what not. Which is really kewl. Then we had some great conversation in the rain which was really nice. I swear Roman and I always end up talking about the most fascinating things. Then he biked to his place and I picked up Kim and we walked to my car. I love my Kim and I realized especially today after a hug that she definitely means a whole heckova lot to me. I absolutely love the dynamic of our friendship. Once we got to my car, we went and picked up Aaron and Roman and it was off to Mi Tortilla. On the car ride there, it was revealed that Jay and said those three special words to Aaron "I Love You!" AWWWW! How adorable. Anyways, but alas! We got there to find that they were just closing. So it was off to Applebees. We had a great time, just chatting and laughing the night away. Racheal was there with some hawt guy and a fairly attractive girl. I miss living in Riverside, being able to go out and have fun. Those were special times. Anyways, off to bed for now.

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Today's Song... [15 Feb 2005|10:47pm]
[ mood | happy ]

This guy was meant for me
And I was meant for him
This guy was dreamt for me
And I was dreamt for him

This guy has danced for me
And I have danced for him
This guy has cried for me
And I have cried for him


Many miles, many roads I have traveled
Fallen down on the way
Many hearts, many years have unraveled
Leading up to today

This guy has prayed for me
And I have prayed for him
This guy was made for me
And I was made for him


I have no regrets
There's nothing to forget
All the pain was worth it

Not running from the past
I tried to do what's best
I know that I deserve it

(chorus, repeat)

And I thank you

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Happy Singles Reminder Day... [14 Feb 2005|10:53am]
[ mood | anxious ]

You are Milk Chocolate

A total dreamer, you spend most of your time with your head in the clouds.
You often think of the future, and you are always working toward your ideal life.
Also nostelgic, you rarely forget a meaningful moment... even those from long ago.

What Kind of Chocolate Are You? Take This Quiz :-)

Find the Love of Your Life
(and More Love Quizzes) at Your New Romance.

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re: Congrats New England Patriots [06 Feb 2005|09:22pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Here is a photo of New England Patriot Quarterback Tom Brady celebrating after their history making win at SuperBowl XXXIX.

Congrats Tom!
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[03 Feb 2005|11:09pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Easy Ride
written by M. Ciccone and Monte Pittman
I want the good life
But I don't want an easy ride
What I want is to work for it
Feel the blood and sweat on my fingertips
That's what I want for me

I want to know everything
Maybe someday I will
What I want is to find my place
Breathe the air and feel the sun on my children's face
That's what I want


I go round and round just like a circle
I can see a clearer picture
When I touch the ground I come full circle
To my place and I am home
I am home

I want to let go of all disappointment that's waiting for me
What I want is to live forever
Not defined by time and space
It's a lonely place
That's what I want

(chorus, repeat)

I go round and round just
Round and round just
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Funny... [02 Feb 2005|08:52pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

"Today is Groundhog Day and the State of the Union Address. As Air America Radio pointed out, it is an ironic juxtaposition: One involves a meaningless ritual in which we look to a creature of little intelligence for prognostication and the other involves a groundhog."

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Versace's new logo...Love It! [02 Feb 2005|09:41am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

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Today's Thoughts... [30 Jan 2005|09:43pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

In This Life
written by M. Ciccone and S. Pettibone
Sitting on a park bench
Thinking about a friend of mine
He was only 23
Gone before he had his time
It came without a warning
Didn't want his friends to see him cry
He knew the day was dawning
And I didn't have a chance to say goodbye


In this life I loved you most of all
What for?
'Cause now you're gone and I have to ask myself
What for?

What for?
Driving down the boulevard
Thinking about a man I knew
He was like a father to me
Nothing in the world that he wouldn't do
Taught me to respect myself
Said that we're all made of flesh and blood
Why should he be treated differently
Shouldn't matter who you choose to love



People pass by and I wonder who's next
Who determines, who knows best
Is there a lesson I'm supposed to learn in this case
Ignorance is not bliss


Have you ever watched your best friend die [what for]
Have you ever watched a grown man cry [what for]
Some say that life isn't fair [what for]
I say that people just don't care [what for]
They'd rather turn the other way [what for]
And wait for this thing to go away [what for]
Why do we have to pretend [what for]
Some day I pray it will end

I hope it's in this life
I hope it's in this life time
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Random Segment... [30 Jan 2005|01:43am]
[ mood | awake ]

My Top 5 Songs for the Week...ending January 30, 2005.

5. Sarah McLaughlin - "World on Fire"
4. The Killers - "Jenny Was A Friend of Mine"
3. TIE - Kylie Mingoue - "I Believe in You", Jennifer Lopez - "Get Right"
2. Green Day - "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"
1. Dogs Die in Hot Cars - "I Love You 'Cause I Have To"

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Interesting... [27 Jan 2005|08:55pm]
[ mood | drained ]

I am nerdier than 46% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

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Please sign this... [19 Jan 2005|08:27pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]


Please do us all a favor and sign this.

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Choices... [16 Jan 2005|07:15pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

Hey all. Things have been well interesting. So I am now financially independent, sorta. My parents are still paying for school and what not, but everything else is paid for by yours truly. I am now commuting to Riverside, which has been interesting. It feels really wierd because Riverside was a very special place to me and has been a great place to get to know myself better. I miss my friends and the times we shared together, but I feel that this is gonna make the transformation a bit easier. WOW! Can't believe in that whole "real world" stuff that I will be facing soon. Well actually, I already am. Anyways, I have decided to work out really hard for the next few weeks and get the results I want. I wanna see if I should continue excercising naturally, or if it is time for supplements...It's not that I want some hardcore stuff, just something healthy to speed up the process a bit. Maybe I should ask Roman. He'd prolly know better. Anyhoo, classes have been interesting, difficult, fun, but definitely challenging. I dunno what the future holds in its hands for us, but I know that I want to impact this world in my own special way. I watched the Tsunami Aid: A Concert of Hope benefit on NBC last night. It was very well put together. Other than Madonna's version of "Imagine" I especially loved Norah Jones, Josh Groban, Maroon5, Stevie Wonder and India.Arie. Donating money and watching all of the news reports makes the world a very small place, and reminds me that we are not all that different. Things that I am looking forward to in 2005: graduating, Reinvention Tour DVD, a possible new album, challenging the CPA Exam, Making new friends, getting a real job, and influencing the world in my own special way. I realize that I really would like to travel and visit my friends from around the world. I miss everyone so much. Especially Tamara. I rarely get to see her online anymore. I wanna go to Spain and Italy sooo badly. I can't believe a year has gone by since we went to San Diego and watched the Super Bowl at Stephie's Dad's Hangar. Wow time flies. I miss my stephie soooo much. When I think of her, I know that we will be lifelong friends no matter what. My Gracie and Me...:) We'll definitely travel the world together and be just like Will and Grace...Anyways, what to watch on TV after my HW. The Golden Globes on NBC, a new Family Guy on FOX, or Desperate Housewives on ABC...Decisions...Decisions.

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Haven't posted in a while... [12 Jan 2005|10:02am]
[ mood | anxious ]

You Are 24 Years Old


Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

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2005 Is here!!! Bada-Bing! [03 Jan 2005|09:07am]
[ mood | crazy ]

Hey all. With the new year upon us, I started thinking about the future and stuff, and a friend of mine posted some hillariously insightful predictions for the year 2029. I thought I'd share. So here ya go.


Ozone created by electric cars is now killing millions in the seventh largest country in the world, Mexifornia, formally known as California.

Spotted Owl plague threatens northwestern United States crops and livestock.

Baby conceived naturally...scientists stumped.

Couple petitions court to reinstate heterosexual marriage.

Last remaining Fundamentalist Muslim dies in the American Territory of the Middle East (formerly known as Iran, Afghanistan, Syria and Lebanon).

Iraq still closed off; physicists estimate it will take at least 10 more years before radioactivity decreases to safe levels.

France pleads for global help after being overtaken by Jamaica.

Castro finally dies at age 112; Cuban cigars can now be imported legally, but President Chelsea Clinton has banned all smoking.

George Z. Bush says he will run for President in 2036.

Postal Service raises price of first class stamp to $17.89 and reduces mail delivery to Wednesdays only.

85-year, $75.8 billion study: Diet and Exercise is the key to weight

Average weight of Americans drops to 250 lbs.

Japanese scientists have created a camera with such a fast shutter speed, they now can photograph a woman with her mouth shut.

Massachusetts executes last remaining conservative.

Supreme Court rules punishment of criminals violates their civil rights.

Average height of NBA players now nine feet, seven inches.

New federal law requires that all nail clippers, screwdrivers, fly swatters and rolled-up newspapers must be registered by January 2036.

Congress authorizes direct deposit of formerly illegal political contributions to campaign accounts.

Capitol Hill intern indicted for refusing to have sex with congressman.

IRS sets lowest tax rate at 75 percent.

Florida Democrats still don't know how to use a voting machine.

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Update... [28 Dec 2004|10:35pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

My thoughts and prayers go to the victims of this horrible tragedy. Words cannot express my reaction to this event. I know I will try and do my part and help in any way that I can. The following aid agencies are accepting contributions for assistance that they or their affiliates will provide for those affected by the earthquake and tsunamis in Asia.

American Red Cross International Response Fund
P.O. Box 37243
Washington, DC 20013
800-HELP NOW (English)
800-257-7575 (Spanish)

Mercy Airlift
333 N. Wilshire Avenue
Anaheim, CA 92801

Archdiocese of Los Angeles
Southeast Asia Disaster Relief Fund
3424 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90010

International Medical Corps
1919 Santa Monica Boulevard Suite 300
Santa Monica CA 90404

Buddhist Vihara Temple
920 N. Summit Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91103

Action Against Hunger
247 West 37th Street, Suite 1201
New York, NY 10018

American Jewish World Service
45 West 36th Street, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10018

ADRA International
9-11 Fund
12501 Old Columbus Pike
Silver Spring, MD 20904

American Friends Service Committee (AFSC Crisis Fund)
1501 Cherry Street
Philadelphia, PA

Catholic Relief Services
PO Box 17090
Baltimore, MD 21203-7090

Direct Relief International
27 South La Patera Lane
Santa Barbara, CA 93117

Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres
PO Box 2247
New York, NY 10116-2247

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
PO Box 372
CH-1211 Geneva 19

International Orthodox Christian Charities
Middle East Crisis Response
PO Box 630225
Baltimore, MD 21263-0225

Lutheran World Relief
PO Box 17061
Baltimore MD 21298-9832

MAP International
2200 Glynco Parkway
PO Box 215000
Brunswick, GA 3121-5000

Mercy Corps
PO Box 2669
Portland, OR 97208

Northwest Medical Teams
PO Box 10
Portland, OR 97207-0010

Operation USA
8320 Melrose Avenue, Ste. 200
Los Angles, CA 90069

Relief International
1575 Westwood Blvd., Suite #201
Los Angeles, CA

Save the Children
Asia Earthquake/Tidal Wave Relief Fund
54 Wilton Road
Westport, CT 06880

US Fund for UNICEF
333 East 38th Street
New York, NY 10016

World Concern
19303 Fremont Ave. N
Seattle, WA 98133

World Relief
7 E. Baltimore St.
Baltimore, MD 21202

World Vision
PO Box 70288
Tacoma, Washington 98481-0288
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Madonna on the War in Iraq... [17 Nov 2004|05:42pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

"My point of view is that this war is not founded in anything truthful. (But) we're in it so deep. How do we pull out now? How do we go backwards and right the wrongs? And, you know — I think it's gonna get worse before it gets better. I voted for Kerry, and I think everybody assumed that. And I'm sad that he lost, but I'm not paralyzed by it. In a way, it's a blessing in disguise. We need to come together, to unite. It's a call to action." - Madonna (CBS News)

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